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From Rev. J. Michael Cadaret

My Sisters and Brothers of Olivet,

It’s hard to believe that I will be joining you so soon. I am so looking forward to September 24th and to the months and years to follow. I am eager to meet and get to know you and to serve God with and among you. I am interested in getting to know how you serve God in caring for one another and in caring for the community and in discerning with you what God may be calling us to.
I come to you after serving as Interim Rector of Beckford Parish for the past 21 months. Beckford Parish is a yoked parish in Shenandoah County that includes St. Andrew’s Church in Mount Jackson and Emmanuel Church in Woodstock. It was a fulfilling time as the two congregations grew closer together and worked to become more open and public institutions serving their communities.
I come to you drawn by your history – both good and bad. I come to you drawn by your generosity and hospitality to your community, by your good humor, and by your genuine kindness and warm affection one to another. I come to you drawn by a non-specific sense that God has a surprising and wonderful future in store for you, and I want to be a part of that adventure.
I come to you in a time of other personal transitions as well. I will be remarried in December to Kate Lambert, an old high school friend with whom I have reconnected. She lives in Charlottesville and works as the Director of Resource Development for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia. She is a singer, and musical theater – both performing and directing – is her quirky hobby. She, too, is so looking forward to life with you.
I come to you as a father of two: Atticus, who lives with his girlfriend, Hannah, and works in Colorado Springs; and Madeline, who is in her third year at Virginia Commonwealth University. They are great kids, who really aren’t kids anymore, and you will hear stories of them while I share their successes and disappointments with them.
I come to you as a chef, homebrewer, cyclist, reader, fisherman, and dad to Dupree, the best Yellow Lab ever. You will hear me rant and ramble about food, about bicycle racing, and (maybe a little) about my favorite band, the Grateful Dead.
I can’t wait to meet all of you. Until then, I offer many prayers for all of us, and God’s blessing upon you.
Your brother in Christ,