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Clergy Changes for Olivet and Potomac Episcopal


Olivet and St. Mark's are pleased to welcome Rev. Marlee Norton to be our joint interim priest for the next several months. Marlee previously served two parishes in Pennsylvania jointly for several years, responsible for worship, fellowship, outreach, pastoral care, and all other aspects of ministry. Although she retired in 2021, she found she missed service as a priest, and we're certainly happy that she is reentering the field with our two parishes. Before her call to the priesthood, Marlee was a journalist and worked to expand communications and computer services to rural areas in the U.S. and developing countries. Her first Sunday with us will be Pentecost, June 5.

Pentecost Sunday also will be Rev. Cayce Ramey's last service before embarking on a long-delayed four-month sabbatical.

The following Sunday, June 12, we will say goodbye to Fr. Jeremy Means-Koss, who has served as our supply priest for the last several months. Fr. Jeremy has conducted the Wednesday noon Bible study as well as officiated at Sunday Communion services at Olivet and St. Mark's. We wish him success in his future career.

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