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Weekend Retreat Refreshes Members of Olivet, St. Marks, and Church of the Spirit


Picture #1: Church services at the Cathedral Shrine of the Transfiguration, the Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Report from Shrine Mont 

Olivet’s vestry and members of Olivet, St. Marks, and Church of the Spirit took a weekend away at Shrine Mont for fellowship and to sort out what’s going on. 

The weekend was a success – we enjoyed all Shrine Mont had to offer, worshiped with two of our sister parishes, watched Godspell, played dominoes, and talked through everything on our minds. 

Shrine Mont’s barbeque, fried chicken and meat loaf were well above what we remembered from pre-COVID visits. We took home our share of the Shrine Mont apple butter. 

The weather was great – Cool and comfortable when we wanted to be outside and comforting “white noise” rain when we were inside. 

The staff treated us and our fellow guests like royalty.


Picture #2: Group photo in the Shrine Mont Dining Hall.

To learn more about our discussions, check with a member of Olivet’s vestry.

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