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Good Book Club starts on Sunday, June 16th


Good Book Club Schedule 
Sunday, June 16 - September 1
Simpson Room at 9:15 am

Sunday, June 16 
Creation and The Garden of Eden ~ Genesis 1:1 – 2:25

Creation questions:

  • What was there before God started creating?
  • What did God create first?
  • What did God do next?
  • What did God think of what he created?
  • Does God still think that Creation is good?
  • Is God still creating?
  • What was special about how God created humankind?
  • What did God do on the seventh day?
  • Do we have a special time to rest?

Garden of Eden questions:

  • How did God make Adam?
  • What was the Adam supposed to do in the garden?
  • What rules did God give the Adam?
  • Why did God make the animals in the garden?
  • What was Adam to do with them?
  • How did Adam feel, and does the story tell us or do we have to imagine?
  • Why did God make the woman?
  • How did God make the woman?

Sunday, June 23 
Noah’s Ark and The Flood ~ Genesis 6:5 – 9:15

Noah’s Ark and The Flood questions:

  • What had God decided to do to the world?
  • Why had God decided to do this?
  • How do you think God felt when he decided to destroy the world?
  • Who was Noah?
  • What did God ask Noah to do?
  • Why did God ask Noah to do this?
  • How does Noah feel?
  • What was it like on the ark? Was it noisy? Smelly? Did the animals fight?
  • How did Noah know that the water was subsiding?
  • What did God promise Noah?
  • What was the sign of God’s promise to Noah?

Sunday, June 30 
David and Goliath ~ 1Samuel 17:1-51
Elijah and the priests of Baal ~ 1Kings 18:20-40

David and Goliath questions:

  • Who were the Israelites fighting with?
  • Who was Goliath? How big was he? What did he wear? What weapons did he have?
  • What does Goliath challenge the Israelites to do?
  • How did Saul and the Israelites feel?
  • Who was David? What was David doing?
  • What does David say when he first sees Goliath?
  • What does Saul say to David? Why can’t David fight Goliath? How does David respond?
  • What does David do with the armor? What does he take to fight Goliath?
  • Who does David say he has fighting on his side?
  • Who wins the fight? How?

Elijah and the priest of Baal questions:

  • Where are Elijah and the priests of Baal?
  • How many priests of Baal are there?
  • How does Elijah challenge the priests of Baal?
  • What do the priests of Baal do? What happens? What does Elijah say to them?
  • What does Elijah do when it is his turn?
  • What does Elijah pray?
  • What happens?

Sunday, July 7 
Jonah and the Great Fish ~ The Book of Jonah

Jonah and the Great Fish questions:

  • Where did God want Jonah to go?
  • What was Jonah supposed to do there?
  • What did Jonah do? Where did he try to flee?
  • What did God do to the ship?
  • What did the people on the ship do?
  • How did they feel? Does the story say or do we have to imagine?
  • What did the captain say to Jonah? What did Jonah say?
  • What do they do to Jonah? What happens next?
  • How long is Jonah in the belly of the fish?
  • What does Jonah pray about? How does Jonah feel?
  • When the fish spits out Jonah, what does God tell him to do?
  • What does Jonah say to the people of Ninevah?
  • What do they do? What does God decide about the people of Ninevah?
  • How does Jonah feel about God’s decision? What does he say to God?
  • What does Jonah tell God to do? What does God then ask Jonah?
  • What does Jonah do? What does God do to the bush? How does Jonah feel then?
  • What does God say to Jonah about the people of Ninevah?

Sunday, July 14 
The Birth of Jesus ~ Luke 2:1-20
John Baptizes Jesus ~ Luke 3:1-22
The Temptation in the Wilderness ~ 4:1-14

The Birth of Jesus questions:

  • Where was Joseph going? Who was with him?
  • Why were they going there?
  • What happened when they were there?
  • What did Joseph and Mary do with the baby? Why?
  • Who did the angel visit? What did the angel say?
  • What happens next? What does the multitude of heavenly host do?
  • What do the shepherds do? What do they do and say when they visit the Holy Family?

John Baptizes Jesus questions:

  • Where was John? What was he proclaiming?
  • What prophet is mentioned, and what is the prophet quoted as saying?
  • Was John saying these things? Was John being compared to Isaiah?
  • What does John say to the crowds that came to see him?
  • When they ask what they should do, what does he tell them to do?
  • Who do the people think John is? What does he tell them?
  • What happens to John?
  • What happens when Jesus is baptized?
  • Who heard the voice?

The Temptation in the Wilderness questions:

  • How does Luke describe Jesus?
  • Where is Jesus led? Who leads Jesus?
  • How long was Jesus in the wilderness?
  • What happens to him?
  • How does Jesus feel?
  • With what does the devil tempt Jesus? How does Jesus respond?
  • What happens after the temptations?

Sunday, July 21 
The Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:1-7:29

The Beatitudes questions:

  • Who are the blessed?
  • What are their rewards?
  • What are they to do and why?

Salt of the Earth – Light of the World questions:

  • How does Jesus describe “you”, and who is he referring to: the disciples, us, everyone?
  • What has Jesus come to do in regards to the Law?
  • Whose righteousness must our own exceed? Why?
  • What does Jesus ask of us when he says “You have heard it said… but I say to you?”
  • How does what Jesus teaches compare to the demands of the Law?
  • How does what he teaches relate to “fulfilling the Law?”

Your Piety and Your Treasures questions:

  • What does Jesus say about piety? What example does he give to explain?
  • How should you give alms?
  • How should you pray?
  • How should you fast?
  • Where should we store up our treasures?
  • What are the two masters that we may serve? How does Jesus explain them?
  • Why are we to look at the “birds of the air” and “consider the lilies of the field”?
  • What does God know about us, and what does Jesus say God will do?
  • What are we to strive for?
  • How does this relate to what Jesus says about piety?

Judging Others questions:

  • Why should we not judge others?
  • How will we be judged?
  • What example does Jesus use?

Sunday, July 28 
Feeding the Five Thousand ~ John 6:1-15
Jesus Walks on the Water ~ John 6:16-21
The Good Samaritan ~ Luke 10:25-37

Feeding the Five Thousand questions:

  • Where did Jesus go? Who was following him and why? Why do we follow Jesus?
  • Where did Jesus take his disciples?
  • What does Jesus ask, and who does he ask? Why does Jesus ask this?
  • How does Philip respond?
  • What does Andrew do and say to Jesus? Do we ever think that we don’t have enough?
  • What does Jesus tell the disciples to do?
  • What does he do with the bread and the fish?
  • When all the people had eaten what does Jesus ask the disciples to do?
  • What do the people say about Jesus?
  • Why does Jesus leave the crowd? Why would Jesus not want to be a king?

Jesus Walks on the Water questions:

  • What do the disciples do later on that evening? Why would they leave without Jesus?
  • How do the disciples feel at this point, does the story tell us or do we have to imagine?
  • What happens on the sea?
  • When do they see Jesus? How do they feel?
  • What does he say to them? When would Jesus tell us not to be afraid?
  • What happens when he gets in the boat?

The Good Samaritan questions:

  • Who stands up to test Jesus, and what does he ask?
  • How does Jesus first respond to him?
  • What does the lawyer then ask Jesus?
  • In Jesus’ story, where was the man going?
  • What happens to him on the road?
  • Who saw the injured man while they walked down the road?
  • What do we know about priests and Levites in Jesus’ day?
  • What do they do? Are they “doing the right thing”?
  • Who then sees the injured man on the road?
  • What do we know about Samaritans?
  • What does the Samaritan do? Why does he care for the injured man?
  • What does Jesus ask the lawyer at the end of the story?
  • What does Jesus then tell him to do?

Sunday, August 4 
Parables of Jesus ~ Matthew 13:1-52   

Parable of the Sower and the Explanation ~ Matthew 13:1-9; 18-23

  • What does the sower do? Where does he scatter the seed?
  • What does the sower expect to happen? What does the sower want to happen to the seed?
  • What different things happen to the seed? What does the seed yield? 
  • When Jesus explains the parable, how do we see our own response to Jesus?

Parable of the Wheat and the Tares and the Explanation ~ Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43

  • What happens in the field? How does the farmer respond when he is told?
  • What will happen at the harvest time?
  • How does Jesus explain the parable?
  • In what ways, do we see weeds sown into our own lives? How do we live with them?

Parables of the Mustard Seed, Yeast, Treasure, Pearl, & Dragnet

  • What sounds alike in these parables?
  • What sounds different?
  • Have we experienced little things growing in our own lives?
  • Have we found things that made us willing to give up everything?
  • Do we hide some of the things we value – not want to share them?
  • Would God have us share them?

Purpose of Parables and Treasures New and Old questions:

  • Why does Jesus use parables?
  • Why do some people understand and others do not?

Sunday, August 11 
~ More Parables of Jesus
Luke 15 - Lost and Found, The Prodigal Son
Luke 16:19-31 - Lazarus and the Rich Man

Parables of the Lost and Found and the Prodigal questions:

  • Who is Jesus talking to?
  • Who is criticizing Jesus?
  • Who would these parables comfort and who would they offend?
  • How does Jesus say these parables relate to God?
  • In the Prodigal Son, who is lost and who was never lost?
  • Who does the Father love?
  • Should we identify the Father with God, or is he just a character in the story?
  • Have we been lost?
  • Have we ever been offended by God’s forgiveness

Lazarus and the Rich Man questions:

  • Describe the two men? Is there anything said about how either came to this place in life?
  • What happens to the two of them? Is this fair?
  • What does the rich man ask Father Abraham for? Why does Abraham deny him this?
  • Can we know, simply from what is shared in the text, whether this is just?
  • What does the rich man want Abraham to do for his brothers? Why is this denied?
  • Are the brothers doomed?
  • With whom do we identify – the rich man or Lazarus? Who do we want to be like? Why?

Sunday, August 18 
Jesus Enters Jerusalem ~ Mark 11:1-19
The Plot to Kill Jesus and The Last Supper ~ Mark 14:1-26

Jesus Enters Jerusalem questions:

  • Where are Jesus and the disciples? Where are they coming from? Where are they going?
  • What does Jesus instruct the two disciples to do?
  • What happens when Jesus sits on the colt and the crowd makes it way into Jerusalem?
  • What did they shout along the way?
  • What were they thinking and feeling? Does the story tell us or do we have to imagine?
  • What does Jesus do when he first arrives at the Temple?
  • (this is a trick question – re-read Mark’s account)
  • The next day, what happens when Jesus comes upon the fig tree?
  • What happens when Jesus enters the Temple? What does he do? What does he teach?
  • How did the priests respond to Jesus? How did the crowd respond to Jesus?
  • Was Jesus being dangerous or reckless? Why would he behave this way?

The Plot to Kill Jesus and The Last Supper questions:

  • What festival was approaching?
  • What were the chief priests and scribes plotting to do?
  • What were they worried would happen?
  • Whose house was Jesus visiting? What happens during the meal?
  • What do people say about what the woman has done?
  • How does Jesus respond to their objections?
  • How do Jesus’ friends feel when he tells them that she has anointed him for burial? Has Jesus previously told them that he would die? Do they understand? Do they believe him? What do you think his friend’s want him to do? Does the story tell us or do we have to imagine?
  • Then what happens? Why does Judas do this? Does the story tell us?
  • What is the next day, and what does Jesus instruct his disciples to do?
  • What does Jesus say once they have gathered for the Passover meal?
  • How do the disciples respond?
  • What happens next? Describe what Jesus does? What does this remind us of?
  • How do we remember this meal?

Sunday, August 25 
The Resurrection ~ John 20:1-29
The Road to Emmaus and Jesus Appears to His Disciples ~ Luke 24:13-43

The Resurrection questions:

  • What day is it? What time of day is it?
  • Who is there? What does she find? What does she do?
  • Who does Mary find and what does she say to them?
  • What do they do? Who gets to the tomb first and what does he see?
  • What does Peter do? What does he find in the tomb?
  • What do we imagine they did and said to one another as they returned to their homes? How were they feeling? Did they understand what had happened?
  • What does Mary do when the two disciples leave?
  • What does she see? What do the angels ask her and how does she answer?
  • Who does she then see standing next to her? Who does she think it is?
  • What does she say to “the gardener?” What does he say to her?
  • What does she do and say when she realizes that this is Jesus?
  • What does Jesus tell her to do? What does she do?
  • How does Mary feel about this? How do the disciples feel? What does the story tell us? How would we feel?
  • What happens that evening? What are the disciples doing? Where are they?
  • What does Jesus do and say to them?
  • Who is missing? When the disciples tell Thomas, what does he say?
  • What happens a week later? What does Jesus show to Thomas? What does he say to Thomas?

The Road to Emmaus and Jesus Appears to His Disciples questions:

  • What day is it? What are the two disciples doing? What are they talking about?
  • Who shows up? Do they realize that this person is Jesus? Why not? (Mary doesn’t recognize Jesus when she first sees him, either.)
  • What does Jesus ask them?  How does Cleopas answer? (Is Cleopas one of the twelve? If he isn’t, what does this suggest?)
  • Re-tell the story that Cleopas tells Jesus.
  • How does Jesus respond? What does Jesus teach them about?
  • When they come to the village, what does Jesus do? What do the disciples do?
  • What happens when they sit down to eat? What does Jesus do? What does it remind us of? Do we see Jesus revealed to us in “the breaking of the bread?” (At communion? At other meals?)
  • What do the disciples say to one another? How do they feel? Does the story tell us or do we have to imagine?
  • What do the disciples do then? When they return, what are they told has happened? What do they tell the others?
  • What happens next? Who shows up? What does Jesus do and say? How are the disciples feeling? What does the story tell us? What story does this remind us of?

Sunday, September 1 
Tongues of Fire ~ Acts 2
Peter the Healer ~ Acts 3-4:4

Tongues of Fire questions:

  • What day is it? (Pentecost was a Jewish harvest festival that commemorated God giving the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai. It was one of three pilgrimage festivals.)
  • Where are the disciples, and what are they doing?
  • What happens? What fills the room? What touches each of them? What do they then do?
  • Who is in Jerusalem? What do they hear? What does the story tell us about how the people in the crowd felt? How do the people respond?
  • To whom does Peter respond? What story does he tell to explain what is happening? What does he say about Jesus? Who does he speak of prophesying about Jesus?
  • How do the people respond to Peter’s argument? What does the story tell us about how the people feel? What does he tell them to do? What happens next - how many people are baptized that day?
  • Can you imagine this kind of mass conversion happening today? What arguments could convince people to convert – to “repent and be baptized?”
  • How do believers then go on to live together? Is this kind of community life possible  today? If a religious leader or a political leader suggested that believers live this way,  how would they be received?

Peter the Healer questions:

  • Where were Peter and John going? Who did they find?
  • What does the lame man do, and how do they respond to him?
  • What does the lame man do as they are walking into the Temple? How do the people respond to the lame man?
  • What does Peter say to the crowd? How does what he says on this occasion differ from what he said to the crowd on Pentecost?
  • What happens to them when the priests and Saducees hear what Peter is preaching?
  • How many are converted on this occasion? Would Peter’s argument be convincing today – would people “come to believe” through this argument?


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