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Calling All Knitters & Crocheters



prayer shawl ministryOlivet has a Prayer Shawl ministry which distributes hand-made shawls to Olivet parishioners, their family members and friends.  We also bring shawls to the Chaplain's office at Alexandria Hospital where they are distributed to patients as well as the Inova HELP program for seniors who are hospitalized at Inova Fairfax & Mount Vernon Hospitals.   

If you would like to make a shawl, we would love to accept it at any time.  The prayer shawls are blessed before they are given away.
For more information on Olivet's prayer shawl ministry, please contact Therese Chaplin at 703-969-7159 or tchaplin@verizon.net or Diane Spittle at stchrgirl@yahoo.com .
If you know of someone who could use a touch of comfort and caring in the form of a prayer shawl, please let Rev'd Michael know.
Below are pictures of shawls being delivered to (left) Inova Alexandria Hospital and (right) Inova HELP program.  Many thanks to our crafters: Gail Auringer, Heather Auringer, Therese Chaplin and Barbara Miller.



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