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This Summer's Flat Jesus Project


Summer of 2016 -- The Flat Jesus Project

View the pictures sent in so far this summer: https://olivetflatjesus2016.shutterfly.com

(press 'view album' in the lower right side of the screen, then on the next screen press 'slideshow')

Remember our Flat Francis project from last summer?  It was fun to watch the pictures of Flat Francis appear on Facebook and the website as Olivet folks included Francis in pictures from their summer adventures.
The Olivet Sunday School would like to again invite everyone to join them this summer in a similar project, this time involving Flat Jesus! We'll award prizes, including the one voted most favorite, at our Back to School Sunday on September 11.
For those not familiar with the Flat Francis project, Flat Francis was modeled on Flat Stanley, a popular elementary school project, based on Jeff Brown's book of the same name.   After being flattened by a bulletin board, Stanley, a young boy, makes the most of his situation by mailing himself to visit friends.   Teachers will have their students make a Flat Stanley cutout and then mail Stanley to friends and relatives.  Friends and family will take photos of Flat Stanley around their town and send the pictures back to the student, so that the student will end up with a wonderful collection of Flat Stanley adventures.   
We'd like each family or individual to take home a Flat Jesus template, color it and laminate it with a self laminating sheet.  All materials are available on the Simpson Room table, or email Therese Chaplin at tchaplin@verizon.net and she will mail you the kit. 
Then take Flat Jesus and photograph him on your summer adventures, whether you go away on vacation or stay home in the Franconia area.   Email your pictures to our parish administrator Rita Botting at olivetadmin@verizon.net, and she will post them to Olivet's Facebook page.  We will also maintain a photo album on our website.  And all pictures will be on display in the Simpson Room as they are received.
So come get your flat Jesus and ask yourselves how might you bring Jesus out into the world this summer?
The Sunday School thanks you for your participation in our Flat Jesus project!  We hope it will be a good way for our church family to stay connected during the more relaxed summer months.
Thanks again! The Olivet Sunday School
The template for Flat Jesus can be found at: 

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