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Elevator Project at Olivet -- Updated


A Message from Olivet's Vestry 11/3/15

Dear Olivet Family,
Great news! We finally have site plan approval from Fairfax County for our elevator addition!!! We have a few fees to pay and a few more minor hurdles to jump but expect to have our building permit in the next few weeks to break ground shortly thereafter.  It is the builder's hope to get the foundation finished before the
really cold weather sets in.
To prepare for this long awaited event, we have a lot of clean up and clean out of the rooms that will be impacted by the construction. Considering our small and aging congregation, we are in desperate need of muscle to prepare for breaking ground.
An outdoor clean up day is scheduled for Saturday, 9 am until noon, November 7th.Emphasis on this day will be to move the bushes that can be saved from the construction site. There will also be trees to trim, leaves to rake, and weeds to pull. So please bring rakes, shovels, and garden tools if you have them.
To further prepare for this exciting event, there will still be a lot of indoor clear out work that will need to be done. We urge you to donate as much time as your schedule will permit. If you can help, please contact the Church office at 703-971-4733, and indicate which days and times you might be available. All of this work will need to be completed before Thanksgiving.
We will very much appreciate, and look forward to your help in seeing Olivet's Elevator Project to completion.
Thank you,
The Vestry



We're one step closer!

Olivet has been approved for our construction loan. While we already have most of the funds we need to build the elevator, Olivet’s Vestry applied for a loan from the Diocese of Virginia to cover any shortfall or unexpected costs that always come up during construction projects. While we hope and pray that we do not need to rely these funds, it is good to know that we are prepared for the unexpected!

Our Prayer for the Elevator Project

Most gracious God, you have blessed us with the land and buildings which we use as a parish family in worship, fellowship, study and in service to our community. Guide us, we pray, as we endeavor, through our elevator project, to make Olivet Church a safe, convenient and more accessible place for all. Grant, we beseech thee, the spirit of wisdom, foresight and justice to the government officials who review our plans and issue permits. May the architects, engineers, builders and all who are a part of this project labor in safety and well-being. Open the eyes and hearts of our Clergy, Vestry and church family to your presence, and help us to make wise decisions and to take right actions as we seek to bring this project to a successful completion.

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