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Olivet Acolytes Share Their Acolyte Festival Experiences


Acolytes from Olivet recently attended the annual Acolyte Festival at the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday, October 10. Present along with Rev'd Jeanie were Hannah Arleth, Therese Chaplin, Barbara Leigh, Patricia Matyas, Jeff Underwood, Charlotte Whipkey and Tara Whipkey.

It was a truly wonderful and exciting place to be, and our acolytes were asked to comment on their experiences. Here are some of their responses:

Tara Whipkey says it was " definitely very meaningful to see people from around the country come together to celebrate our faith together."

From Patricia Matyas: "I really enjoyed the acolyte festival. I've never been in such a big group of Christians , especially ones my age. It was really fun to because I got to learn how to use a thurible too."

From Barbara Leigh: "Have you ever belonged to an organization and participated in that organization at the chapter or club level? Perhaps once a year or even maybe every five years or so, you might get the opportunity to interact at the national level of that organization. And having that opportunity really puts into perspective for you the meaning of what you do or accomplish on the chapter level. So when you assemble at the national level and begin to look around, all you can say is “Wow, look at us!”

Well, an experience like that is akin to what it is like for me when I attend the Acolyte Festival at the National Cathedral. I have to thank Rev. Jeanie for getting Olivet on board in attending this extremely meaningful and impressive yearly occasion

As we processed in, young people and their sponsors were vested and respectfully strode behind their various parishes’ representative banners, and some groups manipulated the colorful, airy streamers that represent the Holy Spirit.

Part of the “wow factor” for me, is coming to realize that as an acolyte and LEM, I am blessed to serve in these capacities. But added to that realization is seeing so many churches coming together in celebration of our faith and worship practices. It was an opportunity to actualize the wonderful feeling and knowledge that we are a part of a larger and inclusive community who worship and serve, who teach and mentor and model for our young people. For me, this realization gives added value to what we do here at Olivet. If you have not had the opportunity to attend the National Cathedral for a service or a tour, or to attend the Acolyte Festival as a member of the congregation, you owe yourself that gift."

Note: an Olivet Field Trip is being planned during the Christmas Holiday season to visit the Cathedral's exhibit of creches from all over the world and then go eat in Chinatown. Please contact Therese Chaplin at tchaplin@verizon.net if you have suggestions for a restaurant.

Pictures from the Acolyte Festival can be found at this link: https://acolytefestival2015.shutterfly.com/




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