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Sunday School Wishlist


The Olivet Sunday School is growing, and we could really use
the congregation's support with the following tasks:


  • shampooing the carpet in the main classroom
  • scrubbing out the refrigerator in the main classroom
  • organizing the bins of costumes and returning them to the attic
  • painting the play area in the alcove in the main sanctuary
  • move the changing table to the Simpson Room bathroom
  • hanging pictures in the Sunday School room

 If you can take on any of these tasks, please send an email to Therese Chaplin at tchaplin@verizon.net.

The Olivet Sunday School would like to thank the following parishioners for their help:

  • Nick Arleth for moving the TV to the new nursery -- Veggie Tales, here we come!
  • Ann Caulkins for all her help with cleanup and shampooing the Noah's Ark rug!

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