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Let's Discuss the Potomac Next Report


This Sunday, July 17, Olivet members will have our first opportunity to get together to discuss the report the Potomac Next committee issued last week on what a combined parish might look like and the issues a new parish will have to work through.

To facilitate virtual participation by folks not comfortable meeting in person, we will gather in the St. Mark's sanctuary at 11:30 am, following the 10:00 am service.

The zoom link will be the same one used to access the worship service.

If possible, however, we encourage you to attend in person to facilitate face-to-face conversations.

The report is online. Click here to access.

We will also have hard copies available.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Olivet's Senior Warden, Barbara Gay Shares Potomac Next Team Status
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Potomac Next Team Status
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