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Request from Potomac Next to all Olivet members


The Potomac Next committee has asked each Vestry for information on their parishes. If you’re asked to help collect that information please give them your support. 

Each of you could have joined any one of our four member parishes.  We want our recommendations to incorporate into a possible combined parish those things that cement your bond with your parish. Send us your thoughts and questions in an email to potomacnext@gmail.com.  

Each of us will see all the emails sent to potomacnext@gmail.com. You can also talk to one of the committee members (Jim Taylor, Tony Knight, Estella Escobar, Jeff Underwood).  

Please also follow our work through our meeting minutes and other documents we’ll be sharing on the Potomac Episcopal Website (Potomac Next - Google Drive)  

Thx in advance,
Your Potomac Next Committee

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