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Olivet's Annual Meeting Recap


On February 6, twenty Olivet members gathered in the sanctuary of the 1957 building for our annual meeting.

Current vestry members were confirmed to continue serving.

Jaime Esteva, Diane Spittle, and Jim Walton agreed to serve as our new trustees, since previous trustees have moved out of the area or are otherwise unavailable.

We are beginning the search process for an interim rector to be shared with St. Mark's.

Our treasurer, Jeff Underwood, reported on our current financial standing, the revenue decline we have experienced through loss of members and tenants, and steps the vestry is taking to bring in more money.

Since Jeff is our representative on the Potomac Next committee, he also outlined the status of its deliberations over the potential merger of Olivet with the three other parishes of Potomac Episcopal. 

A heart-felt thanks to our Vestry members for all their continued hard work & dedication!

We appreciate you!

Olivet Vestry:
Barbara Gay, Senior Warden
Valerie Carney
Lisa Esteva
Susan Press
Jeff Underwood

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