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The Adventures of Flat Anna -- we have a winner!


In the tradition of Flat Jesus & Flat Francis, the Olivet Sunday School is announcing its Summer 2018 photo contest this year with "Flat Anna"!  Anna Alexander was the 
first African-American Deaconess in the Episcopal Church, and she won the Golden Halo in this year's Lent Madness tournament.  You can read about her amazing life at www.lentmadness.org.  

To see more of Flat Anna's summer adventures, please check out the bulletin board in the stairway of the 1957 building.  We're also on Shutterfly -- click here  to see Anna's Album (and then click Slideshow).


Voting for the most popular picture took place on Sunday, October 7, and the Sunday School is happy to announce 

that Rebecca Hastings won!  She submitted a picture of Flat Anna with her husband Bob, as he awaited surgery earlier this summer.  Rebecca wins a Deaconess Anna Alexander mug and an Amazon gift card.  Way to go, Rebecca!

Other winners from the summer include Jaime Estevez for his picture of Flat Anna in honor of July being National Ice Cream month and Diane Spittle for her picture of Flat Anna in honor of the August Dog Days of Summer.







For those not familiar with our previous summer challenges, we are basing Flat Anna on Flat Stanley, a children's book by Jeff Brown: after being flattened by a bulletin board, a young boy named Stanley makes the most of his situation by mailing himself to visit friends.  Elementary school teachers throughout the years have used this children's book in a fun project, which is to make a Flat Stanley cutout and then mail Stanley to friends and relatives, near and far.  Friends and family will take photos of Flat Stanley around their town and send the pictures back to the student.  The student then compiles the pictures into a book of Flat Stanley adventures.   


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