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New Adult Education class starts Sunday, June 18

6/18/2017 – 8/28/2017

Update  -- Chapter 6 will be discussed at the 8/6/17 session

Days of Awe and Wonderbook

"God, the sacred, pervades all that is, even though we do not often see it.  But there are moments in which our eyes are opened and we see the glory." 
--from Days of Awe and Wonder
Join us starting Sunday, June 18th, as we begin to explore Marcus Borg's last book, Days of Awe and Wonder.  Marcus Borg (1942-2015) was professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University.  While he was a leading scholar of the historical Jesus, he wrote about being a Christian in the context of modern society.  This book is a collection of excerpts from his writings, interviews and some previously unpublished work.  It is an exploration of the eternal Mystery of God.
We have ordered several copies of the book.  They are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, June 14, so please let Rev. Jeanie (olivetpriest@gmail.com) or Rita (mail.olivet@gmail.com) know if you would like a copy.
 Also available on amazon. com.